05. Sep. 2009 To introduce a ‘new face’ ♥


My design logo and tag

My design logo and tag

Hi, allThanks to come N~ have a look my little blog, lol~~ yeah, again, introduce myself to those people who dont know me quite well or just randomly step by in here.Im cookie who is a Chinese girl jumped into New Zealand jungle  6 years ago. Its been quite a while, currently, Im working on my final year collection under my design label called Replay, Why I called it this name? Well, I think fashion is non-stopped changing, however, we always can draw our inspiration from the past .  For me, the fashion trend is more like a circle , which is developing but always repeating back to the runway. Thats why I picked Replay as the name of my label

As soon as I roughly did a hand drawing draft of my logo design, its a clown head with a star and tear drop on his face, with a moon sitting around its neck. Again, it is significant, the clown stands for a portrait of myself, as we know a clown always dresses up funny, wearing a comical makeup mask for cheering up audiences. But who wonders under the clowns mask, whether hes crying or still smilingno one caresThe star and moon means like I’m just a single person in a wild world, I want to run away,but no matter where I’m going, still around in this world…..the little tear drop under the star, it’s sort of my general memory in my past life…. Yeah, my logo represents my identity, individual character and self-story. I think self-character is the most important, if the clothes range only shows the latest fashion trend rather than a designers individual character, its more like a person who is living without a soul, as what we always talk about unique look.

The following two nights, I spent on getting my draft done by CorelDraw software. Besides, Im still a noob of graphic software, the new face seems still need to put some more time to improve it. But I still uploaded to here to show you guys my new face look, I will try to improve it later on, Id like to learn how to do it by myself rather than get some professional graphic designers to help me out, cause I want everything under my design range needs to be significant.be original……

             To be continued…                                                                     


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