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The Face Behind A Clowns Mask , 08/09/2009


Whilst I was regularly reading through my new issue No. magazine, gosh!! He was in Auckland lately?! Whos that? My favor illustrator artist, James Jean, who is recently extreme attractive Taiwan born, LA based artist and illustrator. His aesthetic artwork is carried from US over the world . His inspirations reflect in such unlimited ways, it could be drawn from Japanese Pop Art, graffiti, classic figures or cartoon-taint abstract Surrealism etc. I remembered the first time I had a crash on his drawings whilst I was passing by a bookstore. Then I drew attention by a few Cartoon-taint abstractive drawing postcards by the side of door entrance. Ended up, I couldnt help myself to grab them all from the store…hahaha…..
Since that, I have kept watch for his artworks and updating information about him. In particular, personally, I have completely involved into his cartoon-taint abstract Surrealism drawings which had so much in common feelings with me . They are dark, scary, mysterious and even broken-hearted. It sounds pretty negative though, I love it. one my photographer friend had a little conversation with him when he was having his stuff shown on in Auckland, He told her that he had some bad memories of childhood since he moved to USA with his family; He felt lonely and different than others and no one wanted to get closed to him, besides, other kids laughed at him with teasing, the cause of it was his black hair and black eyes with all other Asian. It sounds pretty sad, he drew his inspiration from his memory and showed his strong individual identity. I think I had a sadness childhood in common, which is the personal reason why I have such a strong response from his drawings. Plus Id like to inspire my designs from my individual memories as well, I want my stuff to involve my story and character as always.
Currently, his favorite project is working for Prada Spring/Summer Collection, which has given him an exceptional creative freedom and platform of exposure (P120. James. (2009) NO. magazine).


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