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MWNZ Trust organizer- Mila and Mr World NZ


This weekend I had such a great trip with some lovely people in Christchurch, I have been invited to attend a fashion show in there for helping a girl called Amy who cannot afford to have enough money to change her pump……Thus, there’s some lovely persons from different places who come out and support her to hold such a successful show on 31st, October, which was this saturday in Christchurch. Even the 2009 Miss World NZ and coming up Mr World NZ from the MWNZ Trust, who were trying so hard to help this little girl. unfortunately, they have tried all those top NZ designers in Auckland base, however, those designers were too busy to give them any response. At the end of day, luckily, they have got some other designers from oversea who would love to help out this funding show.

From my point of view, using the beauty or fashion design to make the differences for this would is what I wanna do as well, fashion should have a meanning of story behind of it, instead of just for a ‘pretty look’. Like what Mr and Miss world NZ tried to do and those sponsors from oversea or this project’s organizers, they have given us a good example that there is something more valuable than money. That is how we could could make  this lovely story to have a good ending. I hope there are more and more kids or poor people who could be as lucky as Amy. We should more and more people support each other, one day, I’m sure you will find out there is something has more meaning and value than what you’ve got.

Again, I also feel lucky to myself having a chance to meet those lovely people and stories. I’m pround I have joined this trip and involved into a part of Miss World NZ Trust, so I could design my clothes with a good meaning behind of it as well.




Miss World , Mr World and Amy who is the girl needs help


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