My graduation day ♥

Today is my graduation day I need to say Well Done to everyone and myself, spending four years with our hard work in Whitcliffe, with lots of tears and difficultites. We all should be proud of ourself that we did walk till the end. Also, Special thanks to my lovely lectures from fashion faculty. In particular, Belinda Watt who is the dean of fashion faculty in Whitecliffe, as every fashion student, she has taught me everything about fashion technology and building up my fashion capacity. For more personal, she has also taught me the experience of life and never giving me up when I was lost. She is the one who told me that we deserved to making mistakes for growing up. I remembered I have dropped my tears couple of times in front of her and telling her I wanna give up, but she shared  her own life stories to me  for telling me I was not the only one who was stuck by life problems. I won’t forget that she let me understand ‘Cant is can with a T for Try’, I won’t forget when I was walking down to the end of runway,she was sitting there and smiled to me,saying:”Well done,cookie!” That was the part when I started to feeling really proud of myself with her smile. Thanks again, Belinda and the other whitecliffe lectures, you guys are the one made my graduation shows successed also gave me another new page of my life.

In 2009, I have lost something and some people, specially my grandparents. I was nearly collapsed when all the issues came up at the same time. During this year hard time, I understood when you lose something, you will always be given back something else in your life, good things take time…….always♥

Some more graduation show runway pictures review:


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2 responses to “My graduation day ♥

  • tulip1810

    Congratilations you made it! Bet your grandparents are smiling down on you and saying I knew she would make it! Good luck and have a Merry Christmas this year will all that you have accomplished!


    • cookie

      Thax, Mona….and nice to meet you, jst read abit your blog and knew you are in san Francisco,nice place~~~ I’m planning to go to L.A. on Feb. too, hopfully i could apply the visa for travelling there for a week, I wanna see the art gallery and fashion places over there~xoxo

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