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 Heading To The Whitecliffe Runway

On 21th of November this year, Cookie Huang will rock on her Fall Autumn 2010 collection at Shed 2 / 101 Halsey St, Viaduct, Auckland city centre ( Same place as Air NZ Fashion Week event), which is her graduating fashion show at Whitecliffe College of Art and Design. This is Cookies 3rd collection but also the largest collection so far. Its named Carless, is based on inspiring by Movie Last Days and explored about Kurt Cobain with his iconic grunge style. Yet, its a combination of grunge culture and other contemporary style elements like punk or gothic etc. She want to present her influences by grunge music and culture as a big fan of Nirvana onto her design, but also Cookie want to memorialize the representative of grunge fashion revolution C Number (N)ine by Takahiro Miyashita. As a result, she decided to make her first menswear range into this ten outfits collection.

As she always says:I love having originality, I love being alternative. Careless collection is another alternative creative design, which is unique and individual.  After being through two collections on the runway in previous years, plus once a year exhibition show, mid-term window display project and internship with different designers workroom such as Zambesi, Lonely Hearts. Cookie has built up her original fashion identity and been ready to head to the runway. According the past fashion shows were cheered to the echo, this year, on that 21st November, there are two shows including sponsors of the awards ceremony, different representatives of fashion industry, designers, stylists, fashion PR agent and etc.

Before heading to the fashion industry or start a new fashion business, This year fashion show is going to be the good ending for study career and also is a new page for fashion rookies to represent their new revolution of contemporary fashion design.

Tickets are on sale online by  ITICKET.COM with both shows from 21th Octorber,2009


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